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About EMSL Materials Science

EMSL Analytical, Inc. has been a leader in providing accurate, dependable service in a variety of disciplines for over thirty years. EMSL’s history of providing quality micro-analysis has earned its position as a market leader in testing services in the IAQ and IH disciplines. EMSL Analytical, Inc. is also your solutions partner in the complex realm of industrial forensics, materials testing and analysis.  We provide solutions to complex problems involving materials analysis from the identification of unknown materials to product viability and quality control on a vast array of sample sources and types. 


EMSL actively supports and recruits scientists from a wide variety of disciplines to help advance this over-arching goal. With a laboratory network spanning the continent, and an ever expanding suite of capabilities, this means that clients have access to the latest in test methodology and expertise.  We strive to provide an end to end solution for clients supporting them throughout the original design and sampling processes, through analysis, data interpretation and final conclusion. Our goal is to be as responsive and attentive as possible, and to provide you with a simple and user friendly experience from initial contact to final reporting.


Our material science division is well versed in the application of ASTM, NIOSH, and OSHA standard methods and guidelines important to your industry. While respecting the rigor and confidence associated with standardized methods, we aren’t constrained by them. If your needs fall outside of the bounds of conventional testing, we can provide customized solutions based on your needs.  The value proposition is simple; EMSL wants to offer you the highest quality service possible in providing you with solutions to your technical challenges no matter where your needs lie.

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