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Magnetic Properties

Hysteresis loop of a ferrite sample measured at EMSL Analytical, Inc.


Brockhaus MPG-100D testing system.

Testing of magnetic properties is necessary for the selection, production and quality control of magnetic materials used in many industrial applications. Industrial applications include electric motors, transformers, sensors, speakers, and recording media.  EMSL Utilizes state-of-the-art testing system manufactured by BROCKHAUS MESSTECHNIK in accordance with ASTM standards such as A342, A343, A773 and A977. EMSL provides a wide range of magnetic properties testing for both the “soft” and “hard” magnetic materials. The magnetic properties that EMSL can measure include:

  • Saturation magnetization

  • Maximum, initial and other permeabilities

  • Remanence and coercive field

  • Hysteresis loss

  • DC and AC B-H curve

  • Epstein frame and ring samples testing for soft-magnetic materials

  • Demagnetization curve of permanent magnet (testing temperatures up to 200°C) 

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