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Product R&D Support Laboratory Services

Ongoing development efforts are often complicated, multi-phase efforts. Multiple departments or researchers with different disciplines often need to interact in order to drive forward progress on a new product. Developing new materials and new devices can frequently involve new techniques on the edge of a company’s core competency. In many cases, there is a significant amount of experimentation required for a single stage of development. In an ideal case, theory and modeling of the appropriate principals would allow a company to get to a functional early stage prototype relatively quickly. However, especially with semiconductor devices, composites, and other materials that exhibit strongly non-linear behavior, there can be a large amount of unexpected variation. The problems don’t evaporate, but simply reappear with new concerns once a process begins scaling into full manufacturing.


In any kind of R&D effort, the key to maximizing progress and minimizing dead ends is having the right information. Analytical services provided by EMSL can provide your company or research group with the best information in a responsive, affordable manner. EMSL’s staff of scientists has decades of experience working with high-tech engineering efforts in many industries. We have the capacity to perform detailed material analysis in a wholly co-operative manner. We are accustomed to working with diverse engineering staff from our clients’ teams on tight turn-around schedules, often performing testing on a same-day basis when the need arises. We can also work with clients, not only allowing for clients to either sit in and witness analysis in person or through remote internet connectivity – but also are experienced in offering co-operative support to help ensure that our service offerings can complement your ongoing work every step of the way. Contact EMSL, so we can speak to you about your ongoing projects, and determine how we can best assist your development efforts. 

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