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X-ray Imaging/CT

Evaluating the potential hazards of environmental exposure to workers across a multitude of industries and manufacturing specialties creates some unique challenges when one considers the breadth of different processes and byproducts from those processes that need to be monitored. The materials, environmental concerns, and engineering controls associated with a metal smelting facility are vastly different from those associated with a semi-conductor fabrication plant or pharmaceuticals facility.


EMSL Analytical, Inc. diverse group of experts can work with you at all phases of an IH investigation, from initial complaint onsite through sampling media and process support, all the way through the analysis and interpretation of the results. Our team can work with you to construct an analysis path that allows for the IH professional to have peace of mind that they are gaining the insight they need. Where specific targets are unknown, we can cast a wide net with our customized microanalysis services, using comprehensive techniques to help determine the best means for EMSL to assist you in your unique application.  

Industries Served
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