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Compositional Analysis

EMSL Analytical is a leader in providing wide-ranging analytical support to diverse clients. Questions regarding material composition, whether in a known or unknown material are one of the most common needs for clients across almost all industries. Sometimes contaminants infiltrate manufacturing processes, environmental investigation can identify pockets of unexpected material, or a shipment of goods might be covered in a mysterious foreign material when it arrives at the destination.


EMSL is dedicated to providing clients valuable answers and insight, not just blind data.  Our clients can find a responsive, helpful partner in answering their compositional analysis needs. With our network of laboratories and diverse scientific staff, EMSL can find the right mix of testing and informational resources to assist you identify or quantify the compositional information of interest to you. From correlation between composition and intrinsic properties through thermal and mechanical properties through DMA, TGA, MFI, or tribo-mechanical properties, many complex mixtures can be indirectly identified. Nondestructive or minimally destructive techniques, such as surface GD-OES, XRF, XRD, and spectroscopic techniques can give detailed information on some or all of the components in a material. Complex mixtures can be analyzed through the use of chromatography and chemical digestion using LC-MS, ICP-MS, GC-MS and NMR.


EMSL’s ability to pair the right analytical resource with experienced scientists from many disciplines allows us to offer clients unmatched quality and precision of service. From quick fact finding requests on the gross composition of a material, to detailed engagements like reverse engineering or DFSS variation factor analysis, call EMSL today to learn how our resources can be leveraged to assist you with your project. 

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