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Physical/Mechanical Testing

EMSL Analytical offers a broad range of mechanical testing services.  Testing capabilities at EMSL include compression, tensile, torsion, fatigue, low and high temperature testing, creep and stress rupture, Charpy and Izod impact, abrasion, Rockwell hardness and micro-indentation hardness, etc.  EMSL has equipment ranging from the like of very small load capacity of SEM in-situ tensile/compression stage or wire bond pull testers, to the high load capacity universal testing machine that can apply a quarter million lbf on a sample.


Collectively, staff members in the Materials Science Division possess extensive experience in the mechanical testing of metals, ceramics, polymers, electronics packaging, composites, and construction materials.  Examples of mechanical testing performed at EMSL Analytical include elevated temperature tensile test by ASTM E21, Knoop and Vickers micro-indentation hardness test by ASTM E384, Charpy impact test by ASTM E23, concrete testing by ASTM C579, etc.


EMSL's mechanical testing lab is ISO 17025 and A2LA accredited.


Industries Served
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