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Tooling and Metal Manufacturing Components- Analysis

Modern manufacturing of complex parts or raw goods is a challenge with the ever changing application of technological development towards established manufacturing processes. In a full scale manufacturing environment, it is often the quality of the tooling and assembly equipment that can make the difference between profitability and an operating loss. Complex tooling for precision products, as well as the increasing number of products with micro-surface details that are critical to device functionality, can be problematic when often extremely tiny variations in tooling can impact the final product greatly. Being able to determine the quality of new tooling, as well as monitor the condition and tolerances of deployed machining is crucial to maintaining the quality of your final product.


EMSL’s team of analysts and scientists have decades of experience working with manufacturing companies, and their raw material suppliers. Our wide-ranging variety of analytical expertise and services provide solutions to a range of potential problem sources. We can assist you with analysis of fracture or failure in your machinery through fractography and failure analysis inspection. Comparison of the contour and layout of the cutting and forming surfaces to planned CAD designs, in order to ensure that the die you ordered is the die you receive. Surface inspection of the tooling can reveal nicks, breaks and defects before they become a problem, or manufactured goods can be measured using advanced digital elevation mapping in order to fit defects in a part with the tooling changes their potential causative relationship. Finally, the microstructure and composition of portions of the tooling can be examined with SEM, EDS, XRD, XRF, and EBSD to ensure that surface hardness, brittleness, and wear characteristics are all as desired – rather than losing down time when a bit breaks or a blade dulls.


EMSL can offer a wide range of analytical services quickly and efficiently in order to keep up with the pressing demands of modern manufacturing environments. The comprehensive analysis we offer can be used to gain critical insight into the performance and quality of the machinery that makes up the backbone of many manufacturing industries. Call us, or request a quote today so we can begin to assist you in maintaining your performance edge.

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