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Synthetic Biomaterials/Bio-inspired Synthetics

While modern materials and device engineering has accomplished great things through ingenuity and design, there are clear signs that there are many lessons still to be taken from natural structures and materials. Additionally, in the realm of medical devices, increased attention is being paid to driving engineering and chemical synthesis to mimic biological structures – increasing the ability of implants to interweave with growing tissue and lessening the potential for rejection. All of these techniques require a unique combination of functional mechanical design, tight control of surface features, and strict attention to chemistry. EMSL can offer the breadth of experience and testing resources to address all of these concerns and more.


In most cases, composition and three dimensional structure are the keys to these diverse applications. These structures can be tested with mechanical testing and tribology to compare properties in reality to design simulations. The structure of lattices, networks, and cellular materials can be charted using CT methods, creating detailed models of experimental parts for further computational analysis and comparison against desired parameters. The composition of coatings, layers, and inclusions can be detailed using a combination of mechanical cross-sectioning and spectroscopy methods. Using state of the art microscopy and profilometry, the surface structure of these engineered materials can be documented and digital height elevation maps can be generated down to the nm scale. For even finer examination of material properties techniques such as 3D EBSD and serial FIB tomography can be done, or combined with fine surface analysis methods such as AES or XPS.


The fields of biomaterials and bioinspired materials are offering new and exciting possibilities for not only biomedical, but also mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines. With years of experience in assisting in the research and development of new devices and materials, EMSL Analytical is qualified and dedicated to assisting the next generation of materials science being developed in laboratories such as yours. Contact us today to talk about your applications, and see how we can help with your testing and support needs. 

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