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Nanoparticle Analysis

There is an ever expanding array or types and materials manufactured in the nano-scale due to the unique properties materials exhibit in that size range.  Electrochemical responsiveness as catalyst or reagents, high surface area, unparalleled strength and conductivity, and unique properties in strengthening and increasing durability when included in composites are a few of the reasons nanoparticles are being manufactured at an unprecedented rate. However, with all of the manufacturing going on understanding the properties of particles beyond the purpose they have been engineered is a challenging task. Not only are the particles themselves not well understood in some cases, but containing and monitoring these particles is becoming an increasing challenge in IH applications.


EMSL is a widely recognized leader in microanalysis, and our materials science division continues that tradition. High resolution TEM and EDS analysis are reliable tools for imaging and analyzing particles, with achievable resolutions down to atomic lattice levels. Using advanced FIB tomography techniques, the size and distribution of fine particles in composite materials can be resolved and analyzed by serial sectioning. Combining the two techniques also allows for TEM sections of arbitrary areas of many materials to be cut and examined for investigation of phase boundaries and particle orientation within their matrix. EMSL is also experienced with more exotic techniques, including SERS, per-particle ICP-MS analysis, and thin film XRD and EBSD on fine particles.


Because the need for analysis of nanoparticles can take on many forms and many techniques, partnering with a trusted contract laboratory with a wide range of experience makes sense. Due to the complex operation and expense of these analytical tools, it is often far more efficient to contract with a partner to assist in the analysis of these challenging materials. EMSL has the experience, capabilities, and vision to support your expanding research environment now, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve – and do so safely and predictably. 

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