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Particulate Micro-Analysis

What is in your dust?  The buildup of dust and residues is an age old problem that isn’t isolated to any one locale or type of environment. Any indoor environment, from small private homes, through large multi-tenant buildings, right on up through massive industrial complexes will at one point or another find some dust or debris building up in one place or another. Frequently this dust is just a side effect of people living in an enclosed space, creating dust from themselves and from their surroundings. There are times when there might be a concern that this residue might mean more. Perhaps people in the area are complaining of allergy like systems, perhaps there is a residue or strange coloration developing in some areas.


EMSL provides a number of services using comprehensive micro-analysis methods in an effort to address these concerns, bringing insight and analysis in a manner that accounts for clients with a range of experience levels so they can easily understand what the findings mean for their unique application. Using a range of microscopy methods, ranging from optical to spectral imaging, fluorescence, and electron microscopy, our team of analysts can examine all of the varying components of any dust or residue samples.


Using chemical analysis methods such as micro IR, Raman, or x-ray spectroscopy, individual particles or aggregates can be identified.  Finally, the relative compositional breakdown of materials in the sample can be presented in order to allow for comparison of the breakdown of materials compared to local standards, or to chart migration of a particular component from a known source. All of this information provides the client with the information to assess if there is anything present at the site that warrants concern or further analysis, as well as how the dust residues reflect evidence of known material sources or unwanted air intrusion.


EMSL Analytical Particulate Micro-Analysis or (PMA) service provides a comprehensive means for our clients to gain insight about materials present at their locations. With a clear, concise, and informative report, detailed particle analysis data, and a helpful summary documenting findings, a PMA report has been a useful tool for a wide range of clients for years. Contact us to receive a sample report, and allow us to show you how we can assist you in your investigation with our particulate micro-analysis services today.

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