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Lenses & Optics

The art of crafting quality optical components is hundreds of years old and well understood. The challenges presented in the manufacture of modern optics however, are continually evolving. Applications that require high power, high precision lenses and optics for long range surveillance, exotic wavelength resolution for x-ray/gamma ray optics, or micro-structural optics such as tunable polymer micro-lens arrays or MEMS devices all produce unique challenges for electro-mechanical engineering applications.


Thankfully, EMSL Analytical has the range of scientific expertise and the resources of multiple laboratories to assist with these issues. EMSL has the capability to examine the durability and bulk properties of optics, as well as whole optics assemblies – including mechanical strength, surface abrasion resistance, optical index and uniformity, and measurement of salt and humidity resistance with environmental or exposure chambers. Based on our familiarity with anti-reflective coatings, we can examine both traditional dielectric macro coatings for different applications, as well as micro or nano patterning of component surfaces. We can examine the composition of multi-layered lenses, perform cross-sectional analysis of individual parts, or examine the surface and compositional layout of components down to fine, short wavelength MEMS devices or individual laser diodes or FET arrays.


EMSL understands the need for rapid, responsive support in the design and implementation of optical components. Whether the design of semi-conductor optical sensors or an examination of a coating on a two foot lens is the issue, EMSL has the resources and experience to assist you with your problem. Let us know how we can help you today.

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