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Filtration Products (mf/uf/nf/RO)

There is a vast range of filtration media used in industry, commercial, and municipal settings.  Bulk filters for straining out coarse materials are extremely common, down to and including separation of grain sizes in mining applications. Microfiltration applications allow for isolation of silts, fine particles, and some biological materials. These types of filters are often used in air and gas applications, as well as in fluids. Nanofiltration and ultrafiltration applications allow for removal of extremely fine, often dissolved contaminants and are important in bioreactors and medical applications. Reverse osmosis membranes are often the ultimate water cleaning tool, allowing for extremely pure water to be generated, though at a significant cost.


With all of the different materials both filtered and used for filtration, understanding the design and operation of various filter products can be a daunting task. If you add in all of the treatment chemicals, changes in influent chemistry, and variations in pressure and efficiency making sense of these systems can be challenging. EMSL offers a host of analysis options to help in examining existing systems, as well as in selecting filters for new systems. Our laboratories can perform a number of detailed analyses on incoming material from your facility, including particle size analysis from the nanometer to millimeter range, organic and inorganic chemistry analysis for ions, metals, and organic compounds, and determine the presence and nature of any microorganisms. EMSL also offers analysis of the properties of the membranes themselves, allowing for indirect methods of permeability, flow rates, and thermo-mechanical properties, identification of materials, or with direct micro-analysis of pores and layer thicknesses.


EMSL provides support to professionals associated with all phases of filtration product design and utilization. Since the process of filtration can often change rapidly with changes in the environment, a laboratory resource that can assist with understanding the membrane and filter performance quickly and efficiently is critical. With EMSL’s trained scientific staff, we can help bring together analysis for a vast range of materials to help you deliver a well-tuned system, rather than a scattered series of components and chemicals. 


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