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Construction Debris

It is common that ongoing construction, demolition or remodeling causes disruption in the areas around the worksite. While obvious closures and detours are a difficulty many people immediately notice, there are often concerns with debris generated from the construction efforts. There will almost always be material generated from the construction effort, including debris generated from cutting or demolition, as well as VOC’s associated with coatings, paint, and textile products.


EMSL has expertise in handling potential complaints associated with construction. EMSL offers comprehensive testing services geared to offer insight about the extent and nature of any material generated from construction. Our experience in working with a wide spectrum of clients from consulting firms, Industrial Hygienists, and Air Quality professionals means that EMSL can offer testing suited to handle any scale or level of complexity. EMSL offers common types of tests such as gravimetric analysis of nuisance dust, as well as XRD testing for crystalline silica. However, with our capabilities in advanced microanalysis, EMSL can also assist in quantifying and identifying potential sources and relative volumes of debris from individual areas or specific operations, even amongst what would otherwise be significant amounts of background material.


While no one likes dealing with the hassle of ongoing construction, a project can become a completely different sort of challenge when there are clouds of debris moving into a home or sensitive manufacturing facility.  Properly monitoring the environment and having an understanding of the extent of the impact your project has can be the difference between mitigating a minor logistical impact of construction, and having the aftermath of your work continue its damaging influence on an area long after the tools are packed away. EMSL can help you understand that difference, and get back on track if things get messy.

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