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Air Filtration & Engineering Controls

Protecting the air quality is a common need for both engineering professionals and owners and management in buildings with common work or air spaces. Often complaints from people in the space can be hard to track down, and can persist even with filters or engineering controls in place to reduce potential problems. Even with air filters, chemical scrubbers, and strict humidity controls, problems can be difficult to identify in complex high environments. The same issues can often manifest in examination of industrial engineering solutions, with stack scrubbers, industrial fallout studies and emission profiling being commonplace needs. With the growing move towards greener and more energy efficient structures, even simple apartment or condominium can have issues with air recycling and resident particles that can be difficult to track down.


EMSL has decades of experience in assisting consultants and engineers in IH, IAQ and environmental engineering with handling air related issues. EMSL provides a comprehensive series of solutions to help identify not only the source of problems, but assist in determining the best path towards a lasting solution. Our laboratories can perform detailed testing on all manner of potential contaminants. Sample of bulk debris, deposited residues, or impacted particles can all be examined using advanced microanalysis techniques. Whole air filters can be examined to determine how well a system is capturing potential contaminants. Particle size analysis, including complete identification can be performed to optimize filtration. Analysis of metals, gasket materials, and other residues generated from wear or chemical attack in the system itself can also be identified this way.


While diligent and informed design can lead to systems that are well matched to expected issues, professionals know that environments rarely stay as static as they would like. ESML can assist examination of all manner of engineering controls and air handling systems throughout the range of industrial, environmental, and residential testing. With the breadth of analysis solutions and years of experience in integrating analytical data into your design considerations, EMSL is ready to serve as your partner in handling air system issues in the future. 

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